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6 Reasons to consider a Pomsky instead!

If you appreciate the sprightly, enthusiastic personality of a Pomeranian but are concerned about the potential serious health issues of this breed, a Pomsky may be a great choice for you!

A Pomsky combines the quirky, playful personality of a Husky with the observant, plucky nature of a Pomeranian to produce a stunning hybrid that keeps the signature look of the Husky and combines it with the smaller stature of the Pomeranian but with far less likelihood of the common health issues they face.

Benefits of a Pomsky:

  • Pomskies can adapt to apartment life with adequate exercise.
  • Pomskies have Hybrid vigor.
  • Pomskies do well with other dogs and older children.
  • Pomskies have unique personalities, always keeping you entertained with their quirks.
  • Pomskies are generally very healthy.
  • Pomskies don’t require excessive grooming.

Choosing a dog is such a difficult task. Huskies have such unique personalities, but they’re on the larger side. You could choose a smaller dog, but then you lose the look of a Husky. Not to mention, other dogs might not have the quirks of a Husky that you’re looking for. So what do you do? You choose a Pomsky.

Personality-wise, Huskies and Pomskies are very similar. They are both high energy, friendly with humans and other dogs, and typically don’t display watchdog tendencies. But there are a few differences.

The number one difference between the two is hybrid vigor. Pomskies, since they are a mixed breed, have hybrid vigor, which means that not only will they live longer than huskies, but they will also generally be healthier. Pomskies have more genetic material than Huskies, resulting in healthier puppies that are less likely to suffer birth defects and other health issues later in life.

The second biggest difference between a Pomsky and a Husky is obviously their size. Huskies range from 35-60 pounds, whereas Pomskies max out at only 30 pounds. Even though both Huskies and Pomskies are high-energy dogs, Pomskies can thrive in apartments or homes with small backyards much better than Huskies can because of their size. After all, it’s much easier to play fetch indoors with a 30-pound dog than with a 60-pound dog.

The coat of a Pomsky is very similar to a Husky. Both have a thick double coat that requires plenty of de-shedding but not a lot of trimming. Both breeds should not be shaved as their double coat provides temperature regulation. Of course, with the Pomsky being smaller in size, it’s safe to assume that a Pomsky will have slightly less hair than a full-sized Husky.

A Pomsky is essentially a Husky fit into a smaller body. It keeps the energetic goofy personality of a Husky but makes the breed accessible to owners that don’t have adequate space for a Husky’s needs.

If you’re ready to consider an adorable Pomsky, go ahead and apply today.

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