What Is A Pomeranian?

Pomeranian Breed Characteristics

Spunky, intelligent, and alert.

Pomeranian Breed Characteristics

You wouldn’t know it by looking at a Pomeranian, but, like the Husky, Pomeranians are descended from sled dogs. But where the Husky can reach up to 60 pounds, the Pomeranian only weighs up to 7 pounds. Don’t be mistaken by their size; Pomeranians have enough personality to match the largest of dogs.

Pomeranians are often afflicted with what some people call “little man syndrome.” They are some of the smallest dogs, and everyone knows it but them. Full of spunk and sass, Pomeranians are ready to challenge everyone to be the one in charge. They will try bossing around dogs twice their size and even their own owners.

Buried under a pile of fluff, Pomeranians have thick double coats with long luxurious fur. Although quite tiny, Pomeranians require lots of grooming to keep their long coat from nasty tangles and knots. Although you might be tempted, don’t shave a Pomeranian’s fur. They need their dense undercoat to help with temperature regulation. Their fluffy coat comes in many different colors, with the most recognizable ones being black and tan, orange, or red.

Although Pomeranians are classified as high energy, they don’t require large amounts of exercise to expel their energy, making them perfect for apartment dwellers or owners with small backyards. Although their tendency to yip might annoy your neighbors, so be aware of that. Since Pomeranians are highly intelligent and love to learn new things, teaching them new tricks is a fun way for Pomeranians to wear themselves out.

Even though they are small, Pomeranians are considered good watchdogs. They are alert to any intruders and will protect your house from incoming threats. They have powerful bark for such a tiny animal, so if your home is under attack, you will know.

Because of their size and alertness, Pomeranians aren’t always the best with small kids. A child can easily hurt a fragile Pomeranian, so small children need to be watched closely when interacting with these dogs. Pomeranians should also be monitored when interacting with larger dogs. Pomeranians don’t always know how small they are, and they might try to play rough with big dogs resulting in injuries.

Pomeranians are typically brindle colored, but they also come in white or cream or a mix of those colors with brindle. They can also have adorable freckles. The feature that Pomeranians are most known for, though, is their bat-like ears.
Standing at a maximum of 13 inches and no more than 30 pounds, this pup is the perfect size for apartment dwellers. The Pomeranian adapts well to all family sizes, whether you live alone or have lots of kids. Just be sure to monitor your Pomeranian with small children, as they are a small breed, and children aren’t always gentle. Don’t be fooled by the Pomeranian’s size, though, because they have a personality twice their size. You won’t be bored with this curious pooch.