Adopted Pomskies

Pups that have found their forever home
These wonderful Pomsky pups are matched and have already been adopted by their forever homes. They are no longer available.

Litter of Four Adopted Pomskies

Born January 30, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
March 31, 2023


Charming Red-Brown on White, with a Fun-loving and Delighful Personality

Denali is a beautiful girl in a reddish brown and white coat. Her striking eyes and pointy ears bring out her attentive nature. She is so playful, and we have enjoyed watching her pounce and play outside in the snow. Denali is eager to become your little sidekick!


Spectacular Tri-color, with a Vivacious Personality

Juneau is a spunky girl that is sure to charm you with her gorgeous tri-color coat. She is the smallest in her litter, but doesn’t let that hold her back. Her bubbly nature is contagious and she loves to play. Juneau is ready to be scooped up and taken home today!


Fabulous Red-Brown on White, with an Observant, Devoted Personality

Kodiak wears a coat of downy soft reddish brown and white fur with dark highlights. He is very alert to all that happens around him, and he eagerly sniffs out whatever has his attention. We think his loyal nature will help build a life-long bond with his family!


Impressive Tri-color, with a Lively, Curious Personality

Nome is a dapper dude suited up in a stunning tri-color fur coat. He is smart, inquisitive and enjoys getting out to explore. This perky boy will love all the attention you have to give after a busy day of adventures. Nome is ready to be yours!

Litter of Two Adopted Pomskies

Born August 4, 2023
Adoption Weekend –
September 15, 2023


Marvelous Tri-color, Easy-going with an Agreeable Temperament

Atka is a beautiful Pomsky boy with tri-color fur. He is an easy-going puppy who will win your heart with his cuddly and laidback nature. Atka is also super affectionate and will easily become a beloved member of a lucky forever family!


Incredible Black and White, Companionable with a Vigilant Personality

Nanook is a delightful member of our Pomsky litter. His black and white coat adds greatly to his charm, as does his cheerful nature that brightens each day. He loves to play and is alert and curious. Nanook is ready to bring lots of happiness to your home!

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