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Pomsky Pups specializes in outstanding healthy Pomsky puppies for sale.

Goofy, energetic, amusing, intelligent, and talkative: These are some of the words that families use to describe their Pomskies – a miniature Husky.

We strive to be the best Pomsky breeders providing good-fit families with pups of outstanding, health temperament and looks. We have Pomsky puppies available occasionally throughout the year.

With the success of the first litters, Crockett Pups was ready to add more breeds to the network. Amongst the new breeds was the Pomsky, requested by Nathan’s younger brother, Isaac, the Crockett Doodles Northeast Branch Director. Pomskies are quite different from Doodles and even Frenchtons. But although an unfamiliar breed to the Crockett Pups network, we are committed, as always, to putting forth healthy outstanding pups to complete their forever homes.

Pomsky Pups is a partnership of families based in the Greenville, SC area and the Fingerlakes region of New York.

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Customer Testimonial

I’m just sending this to say thank you … Shea (Juneau) is doing fantastic. Her personality is outstanding and she is so smart. After just 2 weeks she scratches on the door to let us know she has to go out. We never even trained her to do that. She gets along great with our cats although she took over their house (see pic) but they don’t mind because they took one of her beds. The whole neighborhood loves her. Again we want to thank everyone for our new family member, we couldn’t be any happier. We love her so much.

Georgiana A
Juneau ( Shea ) Pomsky Pup

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Our Available Pomskies

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What Are Pomskies?

Pomeranian Husky Hybrid Mix

A Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky.

Do you love the look of a Husky but desire a smaller dog? Want a dog with the personality of a Husky that can thrive in an apartment setting? Look no further than the Pomsky.

A Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky. Pomeranians and Huskies have similar personality traits with very different-sized bodies. So a Pomsky inherits those personality traits as well as the look of a Husky and the size of a Pomeranian.

The coloring of a Pomsky varies greatly, but they usually have the markings of a Husky. They have a fluffy double coat that requires moderate-high amounts of grooming. They will require brushing with any sort of de-shedding brush to keep their undercoat healthy. You can also trim the coat of a Pomsky a little, but you should never shave a Pomsky. They use their coat for temperature regulation.

Pomskies tend to be larger than their Pomeranian parents but still stay within the lapdog size. You should expect your Pomsky to be between 20-30 pounds. Their smaller size means they can adapt to apartment life or a house with little to no backyard, but they will still need adequate exercise. You should only consider a Pomsky if you are ready to spend an hour or more each day entertaining your dog. A brisk walk, a game of fetch, or other indoor play activities should suffice.

Both the Pomeranian and the Husky are known for being vocal dogs–the Husky is talkative, and the Pomeranian is yippy–and the Pomsky tends to be no different. So if you have a low tolerance for a loud dog, the Pomsky might not be for you.

Pomskies also tend to be very protective and usually have one favorite person in the household. Even though Pomskies can get along well with lots of people, they can be nervous around small children. Pomskies are a better fit for couples without kids or families with older children.

Pomskies are very intelligent, which usually means that a dog is easy to train, but they are also quite stubborn. You will need to be quite patient but assertive as you train your Pomsky. Because of their stubbornness, Pomskies might not be the best choice for first-time dog owners.

Although Pomskies can be stubborn, skittish, and high-energy, there’s a reason that they continue to be popular. People love Pomskies’ looks and personality. While some might say that Pomskies are too energetic, Pomsky lovers will say their energy is the best part. So if you’re looking for a spunky, playful dog, then the Pomsky just might be the dog for you.

Benefits of a Pomsky

  • Pomskies can adapt to apartment life with adequate exercise.

  • Pomskies have hybrid vigor.

  • Pomskies do well with other dogs and older children.

  • Pomskies have unique personalities, always keeping you entertained with their quirks.

  • Pomskies are generally very healthy.

  • Pomskies don’t require excessing grooming.

Pomsky Benefits

Pomsky Facts

  • Pomskies are 50% Pomeranian and 50% Husky (F1) or 75% Pomeranian and 25% Husky (F1b).
  • Pomskies come in many colors. They often have a combination of colors in their coat. The colors are usually black, white, white with gray, white with red, white with sable, or tri-color.
  • Pomskies have more personality.
  • Pomskies have hybrid vigor that comes from crossing two diverse gene pools (Pomeranian + Husky). Often the Pomsky puppy (Pomeranian/Husky) has considerably fewer health issues than either parent breed would have. As humans, we never marry close relatives for similar reasons.
  • Pomsky Pups is a partnership of families networked with Crockett Pups who believe in family-raised, top-quality pups.
Adorable Pomsky playing with stick

Why A Pomsky?


Enchanting and loyal
Adorable Pomsky Puppy

Many people want a Pomsky simply because they SAW one. They then realize how amazing these pups really are. Naturally steadfast, charming, and quirky, the benefits of owning a Pomsky far outweigh their stunning looks.


Spunky and clever
Friendly Pomskies

Properly bred Pomskies tend to be friendly, faithful, and frisky. Pomskies are great guardian dogs and are devoted to their forever family. With eagerness to work, stimulation is needed to hold their attention.


Healthier genetics and longer lifespan
Healthy Pomsky Pups

Hybrid vigor greatly helps the overall health and quality of life of a Pomsky compared to that of a Pomeranian or Husky. Healthier dogs also tend to live longer.

Hybrid Dog Breeds

The mixing of various dog breeds to form hybrids has been going on for hundreds of years. But it wasn’t until the 1990s, with the revolution of the Goldendoodle, that hybrids, also known as designer dogs, began to grow in popularity.

Poodle hybrids, or doodles, became popular because they combine the hypoallergenic qualities of a Poodle’s coat with the personality of whatever breed you choose to mix with a Poodle. However, looks and reduced allergies aren’t the only reasons that hybrids continue to gain popularity.

For years people desired purebred dogs with impressive pedigrees, but those pedigrees came at a devastating price: inbreeding. In order to keep bloodlines pure and to achieve the certain distinct look that each breed has, breeders resort to breeding dogs that are related. Inbreeding results in a loss of genetic diversity, which leads to increased health issues and higher susceptibility to sickness.

Take the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, for example. The classic Cavalier look comes with a short snout, round head, and large round eyes. The short snout and round head come with some huge drawbacks, however. Cavaliers are also known for their health issues like heart murmurs and Chiari-like malformations, which make their skulls too small for their brains and lead to many neurological problems. So, although Cavaliers are very cute, sometimes they live short and sadly painful lives simply because people want Cavaliers to look a certain way.

A hybrid takes two completely different genetic codes, that of, say, a golden retriever and a poodle, and mixes them together, increasing genetic diversity within the offspring of these two breeds. Hybrids result in stronger, healthier dogs that live longer. Better health of these hybrids is not only good for the dog itself, but also good for their owners. Healthier dogs means less vet bills and more years with your favorite companion.

Some dog owners still desire a purebred dog solely because they prefer the way a specific breed looks. But many dog parents are choosing to add hybrid fur babies to their homes because instead of searching for a distinct look, they wish for a healthier companion. After all, the healthier the dog, the longer your pooch will be around to fill your life with joy and plenty of puppy snuggles.

Pomsky Puppies

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